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In Loving Memory of My Son,
Matthew David Wise

Born: 1985 January 21
Died: 2002 October 24

2011 July 07

This used to be my home page with AOL at http://members.aol.com/DWise1/index.html. That is, until a few years ago when AOL suddenly and abruptly went out of the web hosting business. With too much going on in my life post-divorce, I only recently got my own domain, dwise1.net, through Go Daddy.com.

At first, I'll be restoring most of my old content and then will start adding more. My other old site which covered programming, http://members.aol.com/DSC30574/index.html, will be placed in a sub-domain of this domain, pgm.dwise1.net .



I have worked professionally as a software engineer since 1982 and with MS-DOS and Windows systems since 1987. I arrived at my profession almost by accident through a kind of an odd path of foreign language study, followed by Air Force training in electronic computer systems repair, followed by the earning of a BS Computer Science while on active duty, all of which do tie together, believe it or not. I have tried continually to broaden my knowledge and experience, which is quite necessary in the software field.

Around 1996, I started studying HTML and so I created my AOL site as a Lehrstück, a practice piece to help me learn and practice web programming techniques and with which to experiment. However, content took over very quickly and superceded experimentation.

Now with this resurrection of my old site, I will first be restoring most of the old content and then, as time allows, I will add new content and then play with different techniques. Needless to say, this site will forever be under construction.

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I tried it and it worked well for me, so I obtained the author's permission to distribute it for free.

My interests are eclectic and rarely tap into the popular culture, most of which I refer to as being "after my time." The following are a few of my areas of interest. This area will be under construction for some time, as I work to bring up the various link pages:

Over the years, most especially in on-line "creation/evolution" discussions, creationists have often engaged in personal attacks against me just because of my AOL screen name, "DWise1". In fact, one infamous professional creationist, Kent Hovind, went so far as to twice attempt (via email) to pick a fight with me over my screen name in order to avoid answering a very simple question about one of his claims, namely what his source was. I informed him that the story behind that name is really very mundane and has nothing to do with what he was railing against and I presented it to him.

So then why "DWise1"? Here is the story:

In every multi-user computer system, there are policies for assigning user names. One common one is to append the first letter of the first name to the beginning of the first n letters of the last name (since there's always a limit to the length of the user name), adding numeric digits if the resultant user name has already been assigned. For example, one Dilbert comic depicted a "Brenda Utthead" complaining about the user name they had assigned her.

When I worked at Hughes Aircraft, that was their policy, so my user name was "dwise". At the same time, they had bought some of the first Macs, non-networked floppy systems which we used to combine text and graphics in our presentation visuals. To identify my data floppy, I labelled it with my user name, "dwise". Then when I had filled that one and start on a second data diskette, I labeled that "dwise2" and, for symmetry, I relabelled the first one, "dwise1". Then one day a co-worker read the label of the dwise1 diskette and started to laugh. I didn't get the joke until he told me to read it out loud; up until then I had not realized that it sounded like "The Wise One" and we all had a good laugh over the unintentional pun. Then when I signed up for AOL several years later, in the middle of the sign-up process I suddenly had to think up a screen name. All I think of was that accidental pun and so chose "DWise1" as my screen name.

Well, there you have the story. Nothing at all to it. And others have also chosen that name, albeit on other domains, of course -- in each domain there can be only one of any user name. I have so often found "dwise1" already taken on various on-line fora that I have resorted to "dwise1_aol" to ensure that my first attempt to register will be unique.

You can contact me at:

E-Mail Address: dwise1@aol.com.

First uploaded on 1997 June 10.
Last updated on 2011 October 05.