"[When you search for God, y]ou can't go to the people who believe already. They've made up their minds and want to convince you of their own personal heresy."

(The Jehovah Contract, AKA Der Jehova-Vertrag, by Viktor Koman, 1984)

This section is sparse because I originally created this index page just to hold links to a couple pages. I'll develop this section when I have time. Or not.

  • What I believe
  • My response to a Christian friend's request.

  • Do We Understand What We Think We Believe In?
  • Newspaper article on the results of a Barna Group poll.

  • An Evolutionary Basis for Morality
  • An article by Bill Morgan, a local creationist, working out a bibilical chronology and tying it to our own dating system. Although it is undoubtedly derived (or even lifted whole) from another source, it is the most detailed example of such an exercise that I have seen, so I believe that it's worth sharing.

  • Bill Morgan's Question: Should Kids be Taught About God?
  • My response to a question from Bill Morgan, a local creationist: "If God exists, should the kids be taught about Him?" While I and a third party thought that my response was thorough and very thoughtful, Bill Morgan insisted that I had not answered his question while at the same time refusing to explain why he thought that, which is sadly typical of him.

    BTW, my answer was both yes and no, depending on the circumstances. And whether God exists or not is not one of those circumstances; the answer is the same regardless, namely that it's up to the parents.

  • Hermeneutics in Everyday Life
  • A humorous presentation of the various ways that members of different religious/theological/philosophical groups would deal with a stop sign:
    "Suppose you're traveling to work and you see a stop sign. What do you do? That depends on how you exegete the stop sign."

  • Why the "H" in "Jesus H. Christ"?
  • That question never entered my mind until I saw the initials "JHC" in a chapel in Cádiz, Spain.

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