Timm Erickson's SPANVERB
Version 3.1h

SPANVERB is a complete tool to help the Spanish student learn the simple conjugated forms of any regular or irregular verb. Although the compound forms are not covered directly, their component parts are, namely the participles and the forms of the verb, haber.

SPANVERB's features are:

This version of SPANVERB may be freely copied and distributed if no more than a modest fee for diskette & shipping is charged. There is no charge for you to download SPANVERB from here; of course, you will incurr your usual ISP and connect charges.

Download the executable file, SPANVERB.EXE (26,582 bytes).

Download the PKZIPped file, SPANVERB.ZIP (24,716 bytes). UnZIP it with PKUNZIP or WinZIP.

Program updates available from the author:

Timm R. Erickson
Summer Institute of Linguistics
7500 West Camp Wisdom Road
Dallas, Texas 75236
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System Requirements:

SPANVERB is a 16-bit MS-DOS application. Its disk space, RAM, and system resource requirements are minimal.

While SPANVERB will run on most Windows and MS-DOS computers, Windows 7 64-bit declares it to be incompatible and refuses to run it. However, it does run on Windows 7 32-bit; I have verified that personally. I do not know about Vista, but I see no reason why it shouldn't run on the 32-bit version.

If you have any doubt, download SPANVERB anyway and try to run it. At this price, what do you have to lose except for a few minutes of your time?

The following images are the three screens displayed by SPANVERB:

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Instructions for Installing SPANVERB:

SPANVERB is a DOS program. To run it under Windows, you just open a DOS window and run it.

If you want to run it from the desktop in Windows 3.1, create a PIF file with the PIF Editor and add an icon for it in whatever group you want to place it in.

If you want to run it from the desktop in Windows 95, use Windows Explorer to create a shortcut to it and put the shortcut on the desktop. Of course, you could just stick SPANVERB itself out there on the desktop, but that is not my style.

When you exit SPANVERB, it displays your score. However, under Windows, the temporary DOS window it's in disappears immediately, so you cannot read your score. To get around this, I created a simple batch file that would run SPANVERB and then pause, so that I could read the score. I also created a second batch file to include the vosotros forms in the drill. That batch file looks like this:

spanverb x

Share and enjoy!

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First uploaded on 1998 May 10.
Last updated on 2011 July 07.