Entering Character Codes via the Numeric Keypad

Ever since the original IBM PC, you could enter any character in the character set directly from the keyboard by entering its character code through the numeric keypad. This method is perhaps the most universally available on the PC and works in both DOS and Windows.

Procedure to Enter Character Codes via the Numeric Keypad:

  1. Activate the numeric keypad if it is not already active. To do this:

    1. On a desktop, press the NUM LOCK key on the keyboard.

    2. On a laptop, there is no set procedure. Read the manual furnished with the laptop.

  2. Position the cursor in the document where you want to insert the character.

  3. Hold down the ALT key.

  4. On the numeric keypad, enter the number that corresponds to the desired character.
    NOTE: the numbers on the top row of the keyboard will not work; you must use the numeric keypad.

  5. Release the ALT key. The desired character will appear.

Major points to remember:


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First uploaded on 2000 January 31.
Last updated on 2016 May 20.

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