Calabacita con Carne de Puerco
(Zucchini and Pork)

This is a simple Mexican dish that my wife would sometimes make early in our marriage. She'd call it "chile", but it didn't seem to have any chiles in it.

During the divorce, I wanted to make sure to get the family recipes. So, since she wouldn't talk to me at all, I asked my in-laws and I made sure to ask for this recipe. My mother-in-law told me that that is what her mother would serve them when she was growing up in Mexico City.

I'm providing the recipe below just as she had given it to me. Then I'll note the changes that I've made to suit my own tastes.


Cooking time: An hour or two

Servings: About 2-4


1 poundPork meat cut in small or medium cubes
2small zucchini (sliced or cut in small pieces)
3tomatoes cut in chunks (either juicy and fresh or the equivalent from a can)
2garlic cloves, minced
1/2big onion cut in small pieces or thin slices
kernels of corn (either fresh or from 1/2 a can without the liquid)
salt to taste


  1. Prepare all ingredients as written before and set aside.

  2. Stir constantly to avoid burning everything.

  3. Fry meat (medium flame) in its own fat until well cooked but not too brownish.

  4. Add onion and cook until tender.

  5. Add corn, zucchini, and garlic.

  6. Keep on stirring until everything is cooked.

  7. Add tomatoes and cook for a few seconds.

  8. Add water up to 3" above the meal.

  9. Add salt.

  10. After the water boils, set the flame on low and don't let the water evaporate but it shouldn't be too soupy. I don't remember how long it takes to cook this recipe so, you'd better watch the pot.

  11. If you want to add picante, buy a can of "Salsa casera" Herdez.

Well, I don't like tomato that much and I do like corn and picante, so I've made these changes:

Cans of Herdez were always in the "care packages" her family would send to us when I was stationed in North Dakota.

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First uploaded on 2007 April 10.
Last updated on 2011 July 08.